Flexible Energy is dedicated to helping organizations lower energy costs, increase reliability and maximize ROI by utilizing environmentally responsible technologies.

You have options

Any organization relying on fossil fuel derived energy is experiencing uncontrolled cost increases and in some cases limited availability. We do not see this situation improving; in fact, over the next decade we expect it to get much worse.

In addition to increased cost, fossil fuel derived energy is believed to be a major factor in climate change. Make no mistake, global warming is a real threat to your organization’s bottom-line and to our planet.

It is now essential to control not only your energy costs but your carbon footprint as well. The good news is carbon mitigation goes hand-in-hand with lowering your energy costs.

Due to the severity of this situation, today we are concentrating solely on providing services aimed squarely at lowering energy costs while reducing or eliminating carbon emissions.

The key to achieving this goal is securing the right technologies and contractual guarantees for your facility – that’s where we come in – we are experts at implementing energy solutions with guaranteed savings.

Our services include:

  • Energy usage analysis
  • Feasibility studies & proformas
  • Data collection and Analysis
  • Decision support analysis
  • Carbon foot printing & mitigation
  • Contract & tariff negotiation
  • Ultra-high efficiency intelligent thermal¬†process control systems
  • Design and implementation of ultra-high performance critical power solutions

If you are interested in getting control of your energy future we encourage you to contact us for a frank, free, no-obligation discussion of your options and how we might assist you in achieving your goals.