Manufacturing plant


When the assembly line is running, the last thing you want to worry about is your electric power!

High energy costs and intermittent power outages were plaguing this Southern California plastics manufacturer. To make matters worse, expansion was hampered by lack of adequate utility power. Several vendors had proposed solution that just didn’t pencil out due to the facilities insignificant thermal requirements and a manufacturing process that did not lend itself to cogeneration.

This facility had insignificant cooling requirements, and the manufacturing process did not lend itself to cogeneration.

Flexible Energy’s proposed Distributed Generation solution yields $639,000.00 in annual electric savings, while providing enough backup power to keep the plant running during a utility grid outage.


  • 1400 kW natural gas powered peak shaving system
  • No heat recovery or chiller
  • Annual Savings: $640,000.00
  • 7 Year Savings: $4,480,000.00
  • Payback: under 14 months

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