Over the past several decades, Flexible Energy has provided a variety of energy solutions to a wide range of industries including; agriculture, food processing, distribution, manufacturing, health-care, high-technology, hospitality, schools and universities as well as a host of other large energy users.

Flexible Energy, Inc. was born out of the high-tech sector, formally the Critical Power Group of Flexible Logic®, we have over a quarter century of experience with designing and maintaining critical systems.

In the early 1990s Flexible Logic saw an alarming trend in the increasingly poor quality of electrical power supplied to its clients. Power problems were causing system crashes and reduced equipment lifespan.

To combat this trend and find solutions, we began researching our nation’s energy infrastructure and uncovered some disturbing facts. It became apparent that the rules and dynamics of our entire global energy infrastructure where rapidly changing and the days of cheap and ample energy where gone!

We found ourselves tasked with more than keeping the lights on and computers running; the physical plant had to stay operational as well. This required interfacing with air conditioning and manufacturing systems and dealing with the physical plant’s energy needs as a whole.

By analyzing these systems, we uncovered a host of energy saving opportunities common to most organizations. Soon we were providing more than just stand-by power systems in the way of entire energy solutions. Our research enabled us to protect organizations from power outages and provide substantial energy cost savings as well.

California’s energy crisis prompted Flexible Logic to spin-off its Energy Solutions Group to a stand-alone company and in early 2001 Flexible Energy®, Inc. was born. The next decade saw rapid growth and the development of a myriad of energy solutions. Late in 2010, to better integrate our technologies with the intellectual property of our parent, we merged back with Flexible Logic® as a free-standing division.

Over the past several decades, we have provided consulting services and solutions in critical power systems, cogeneration, distributed energy and alternative energy to some of the world’s leading companies including Hilton Resorts, Chevron/Texaco and Kraft foods to name a few.

Unlike most energy consultants, we do not sell or represent any single technologies or vender. We take no monies, grants or commissions from technology venders, manufacturers or utilities. We are 100% unbiased and totally vender and technology neutral. This assures our clients that they are getting the straight story. In fact, a large part of our business is proving (or disproving, as is more often the case) savings claims made by venders trying to sell our clients energy solutions, whether they be tariffs or technology based.

We are results driven, focusing on environmentally responsible real-world energy solutions that provide substantial savings and rapid payback.

The global energy picture is changing now more than anytime in our history. Energy costs are rising with no relief in site and climate change can no longer be ignored. We invite you to contact us to learn how you can take control of your energy needs, lower your costs and increase reliability.