Food processor


Some industries just can’t tolerate power outages. Even a short power outage cost this beverage processor hours of down-time and tons of ruined product.

High energy costs and intermittent outages were having a serious effect on this company’s bottom line.

Flexible Energy’s solution: a one megawatt on-site cogeneration system that keeps the line running while generating annual savings of nearly half a million dollars.

This plant is only operational 5 days a week, running two shifts, yet still realized substantial savings with an on-site cogeneration.

Our solution provides 1050 kW of electricity and 300 tons of chilling plus additional hot water for the facility, cutting annual energy costs in half while supplying enough on-site generation to keep the line running during a utility outage.


  • 1050 kW natural gas packaged cogeneration system
  • 300 Ton absorption chiller
  • 20,000 therms of hot water
  • Annual Savings: $415,000.00
  • 7 Year Savings: $2,905,000.00
  • Payback: 21 months (with rebate)

Our unique approach and extensive problem solving abilities have made energy savings of 50% a reality for a wide range of business types and organizations including manufacturing, health-care, resort & hospitality, schools & universities as well as churches, retirement homes and dairies.

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