CSP Solar

CSP or “Concentrated solar power” is gaining acceptance world-wide. CSP is currently the only cost-effective Utility Grade solar technology available.

CSP is the second fastest growing utility grade renewable technology behind wind with an estimated $20 billion dollars expected to be invested in the next five years.

What is CSP?

By concentrating the suns rays through parabolic mirrors CSP harnesses the suns thermal energy to produce electric power.

There are several competing CSP systems and nearly a twenty year history of proven applications.

6GW (gigawatts) of CSP implementation has been announced for the next five years, with the USA and Spain leading CSP implementation.

There are numerous CSP plants currently operating in California. As with all solar technologies, CSP only produces power when the sun is shining making it ideal for supplementing daytime demand and unsuitable for full-time power production.

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