Case Studies

To succeed in controlling your energy cost long-term you need a complete solution that encompasses the right technology for your application and concrete contractual guarantees that assure savings.

The case studies listed here are typical of our solutions over the past decade. Market factors drastically affect the outcome of any energy project, the technologies and savings listed here may not be applicable to your situation or today’s market. These are presented simply to provide a glimpse of the scope of our experience.



Arizona resort



This case demonstrates that energy users don’t have to be in California or spend their own capital to realize immediate energy savings.

This Arizona based resort was faced with several energy related issues. During the past few years, they experienced an increasing number of utility outages, a major disruption to both their operations and their guests. Continual increases in electrical costs were chewing into their profits, and they did not have the capital budget to spend a million plus dollars on a standby power system.



Refrigerated warehouse



When you have over 280,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse filled with perishables, the last thing you want to worry about is power outages and skyrocketing electric rates.

With electric bills at a million dollars a year (before the energy crisis), this facility was a prime candidate for cogeneration. The solution we provided cut annual energy costs in half while supplying enough on-site generation to keep it cool during a utility outage.



Manufacturing plant



When the assembly line is running, the last thing you want to worry about is your electric power!

High energy costs and intermittent power outages were plaguing this Southern California plastics manufacturer. To make matters worse, expansion was hampered by lack of adequate utility power. Several vendors had proposed solution that just didn’t pencil out due to the facilities insignificant thermal requirements and a manufacturing process that did not lend itself to cogeneration.



Food processor

Some industries just can’t tolerate power outages. Even a short power outage cost this beverage processor hours of down-time and tons of ruined product.

High energy costs and intermittent outages were having a serious effect on this company’s bottom line. Flexible Energy’s solution: a one megawatt on-site cogeneration system that keeps the line running while generating annual savings of nearly half a million dollars.



Campus complex

This facility houses both administrative offices and a private school, operating approximately 12 hours per day, five to six days per week. Rising energy costs had a devastating effect on their operating budget, while frequent utility outages interrupted operations.

Cogeneration is a versatile technology applicable to a wide variety of applications. Our solution for this facility was a 440 kW on-site cogeneration system.



California 5 Star Resort

California is known the world over for its beautiful beaches, mild climate and sky-high electricity rates!

This resort’s energy costs had nearly doubled while the quality of power continued to decline. Faced with skyrocketing utility costs and intermittent outages, they came to Flexible Energy for help.