Arizona resort


This case demonstrates that energy users don’t have to be in California or spend their own capital to realize immediate energy savings.

This Arizona based resort was faced with several energy related issues. During the past few years, they experienced an increasing number of utility outages, a major disruption to both their operations and their guests. Continual increases in electrical costs were chewing into their profits, and they did not have the capital budget to spend a million plus dollars on a standby power system.

Flexible Energy suggested a unique Value-Share* solution that provides both immediate energy cost savings and nearly a megawatt of standby power for no capital expenditure.


  • 880 kW natural gas cogeneration system
  • 220 Ton absorption chiller
  • Low-temp waste heat recovery for heating pool & spa
  • Annual Savings: $125,000.00
  • 7 Year Savings: $875,000.00
  • Payback: Immediate – Value-Share* program with no capital outlay
  • Added benefit: 880kW of standby power protection

*Under the Value-Share program, the technology provider covers all costs including engineering, permitting, installation, maintenance, operation and fuel. The resort realizes over $10,000 in energy savings each month while getting 880 kW of standby power protection for free!

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