About Us

Flexible Energy was started with a single goal – To advance the science and implementation of environmentally and economically responsible advanced energy technologies.

It sounds simple enough, integrate advances in technology to solve your energy needs. The problem is implementation. There are thousands of technologies available, from a multitude of venders, each trying to convince you their solution is the best for your needs. Too often that simply is not the case and they are more concerned with their bottom line than yours. We've seen this first-hand, time and time again, systems being mismatched for the application, an expensive and time-consuming mistake that does little to solve the problem.

The key to substantial energy savings is securing the right technologies and contractual guarantees for your facility – that’s where we come in – we are experts at implementing on-site distributed energy solutions with guaranteed savings.

We are technology and vendor neutral and offer expertise in a variety of technologies including :

  • Carbon foot-printing & mitigation
  • High efficiency thermal process control
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP - Cogeneration/Trigeneration)
  • Alternative energy systems
    • Solar (electric & thermal)
    • Daylighting
    • Fuel cell
    • Biomass
  • Distributed and on-site energy production
  • Peak shaving
  • Critical power solutions



Over the past several decades, Flexible Energy has provided a variety of energy solutions to a wide range of industries including; agriculture, food processing, distribution, manufacturing, health-care, high-technology, hospitality, schools and universities as well as a host of large energy users.



Unique insight


Our experience in designing, building and maintaining critical systems provides us a rich set of analytical tools and a unique vantage point.

We offer highly optimized solutions based on proven technologies providing guaranteed savings. This is achieved through a tightly integrated approach encompassing design, engineering, implementation and contractual obligations.

The energy business can be a jungle filled with pitfalls and missteps.

To succeed, you need a highly skilled and experienced guide dedicated to looking out for your best interest, that is the essence of what we do.